Franklin Bell Family Lawyers is a specialist family law practice based on Sydney’s North Shore (Wahroonga and North Ryde). We provide comprehensive family law advice infused with clarity, integrity and compassion

We are dedicated exclusively to the practice of law in all areas arising out of relationship transitions, whether married or de facto. Franklin Bell Family Lawyers are committed to helping you find legal solutions after your family and relationship breakdown. We have an expert knowledge of family law and a genuine interest in people. At Franklin Bell Family Lawyers we focus on providing you with the information you need to understand your rights, entitlements and obligations and a realistic expectation of your family law outcomes. With our specialised family law advice and expertise we will empower you to make the right decisions for your family and future.
“I have been in the family law system for 11 years, you’re the only one who has had a heart. Thank you for doing this work.”
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“Many thanks Jennifer. You and your colleagues achieved much more than I could have hoped for.”
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“It feels good to know that you are there.”
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“My thank you to you for your help and support. I always appreciated your advice and that I was relating to a real human being.”
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“My contact with Jennifer has spanned nearly 4 years, and during this time she assisted me in obtaining Parenting Consent Orders, a Property Settlement and a Child Support Agreement, as well as in my application for divorce. I always found her to be highly professional and approachable, easy to communicate with, reliable, fair and compassionate in her understanding of the complex issues I was dealing with.”
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“Her personal warmth and humane values were always reflected in both, her approach to work, and also with the emotional support she provided me, in what were at times a very distressing situation. I was always very pleased to have Jennifer “on my side” as my lawyer. I truly valued the relationship we developed, and found the experience of working with her to be a very positive one. I would highly recommend Jennifer and her practice to anyone requiring assistance in any family law matters.”
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We provide experienced legal advice in the following areas:

Children’s Arrangements

Resolving what time your children will spend with their parents and other important...
people in their lives, planning future arrangements such as education, and ensuring that children’s needs are met.

Property Adjustment

Advising and assisting on the most appropriate way of dividing assets after marriage or the end of a de facto relationship.

Domestic Violence

To ensure that you and your children are safe.

Child Support

Advising you about your rights and obligations.


Including preparation of application and appearance at hearing if required.
We can also assist you with the following:

In Principle Agreements

If you and your partner have reached an “in principle agreement” in relation to your property and/or parenting arrangements,...
our team specialises in drafting Family Court Orders and agreements to bring clarity and finality to your matter in the most cost effective way.


Mediation is compulsory in all parenting matters where parties cannot reach agreement. We will make arrangements...
for you to attend with a mediator and provide advice and guidance on the best way to manage this process and outcome.

Negotiations and Resolutions

If you don’t know where to start but want to try to avoid Court proceedings and reach an agreement with your partner, we can assist you with...
those negotiations and provide you with advice as to your options. When you reach a resolution, we can then draft Family Court Orders for you.

Family Court / Federal Circuit Court

Some matters require Court intervention. If you need to make an application to the Court, we can...
represent your best interests by providing you advice, guiding you through the process, drafting all necessary court documents and appear on your behalf.

Urgent and Interim Court Applications

To protect either your children’s best interests or your assets.


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Jennifer FranklinPrincipal Solicitor and Director
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Karen TriggsSenior Solicitor
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Gillian CookSenior Solicitor


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Clarity. Integrity. Compassion. These are not just words to us. This is our commitment to you.

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